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Angela M. Amatruda, HT (ASCP)Angela Amatruda photo

Angie has over 18 years experience in the field of Histology. Her career began at one of the world's most recognized research facilities, Johns Hopkins University, as an Histology trainee moving to Johns Hopkins Hospital Pathology/Surgical Laboratory in 1991.

Enthusiasm led Angie to North Arundel Hospital performing immunoperoxidase and special stains while continuing her growth and broadening her responsibilities as a trainer and director of workflow at Johns Hopkins. In 1994 she became a Staff Supervisor for the Pathology/Reference Laboratory. The Center for Surgical Dermatology also requested Angie to join their staff to perform frozen sections for Mohs Surgery.

In 1996 Angie first offered Histological Services under the name of AML Laboratories, Inc. fulfilling a goal as an independent business woman. The reputation of AML has attracted not only researchers from around the globe, but a bright, highly qualified staff to join AML as it continues to grow as a leading supporter in the research.

Shana L. LeeShana Lee photo

Shana began her working career at St. Agnes hospital as a lab assistant in the Outreach Clinical Laboratory. She was responsible for accessioning patients into the computer system and working directly with patients, doctors and the hospital administration. It was here; Shana learned the value of quality and precision necessary to give the correct patient results.

Shana was asked to apply for the Histology training program because of her attention to detail. Shana has started and excelled in the training program at St. Agnes and joined AML Labs in 2006. At AML labs, Shana has had the opportunity to expand her skills and work in research with animal tissues. She is a valued member of the AML team.

Kayla lgnatowskiKayla lgnatowski photo

Kayla has known Angela Amatruda for many years. She has always been intrigued with the field of Histology which enabled her to transition smoothly into a career at AML Labs in May 2015, serving in an administrative role. After quickly and efficiently learning her role, she was able to be trained and contribute in other areas of AML Labs such as grossing, embedding and microtomy.

The value of Kayla's contributions to the work of AML Labs cannot be quantified. She is responsible for projects from the moment they come through the door to the completion and shipping. Some of her responsibilities include customer service, quality control, shipping/receiving and many other tasks.

Kayla is excited about her future at AML Labs and is extremdy grateful for the opportunity Angela gave her. Kayla is enthusiastic and dedicated to provide the best possible service for AML's customers.

Russell RoshchinRussell Roshchin photo

Russell moved to Maryland in 2013 to teach Chemistry and Biology at a private school. Angela's son, Jordan, was a student in Russell's chemistry class. In April 2014, Jordan introduced him to his mom and Russell started as a part-time worker at AML Labs, coming in after teaching to perform any assigned duties at the lab. Needless to say, Russell was glad to get his foot in the door and thankful for the opportunity. He was hired as a full-time lab assistant in May 2015. Having already been trained in the basics at the lab, Russell was able to focus on learning the technical aspects of grossing, embedding and microtomy. He also provides assistance to Kayla in administrative roles, including customer service and quality control.

Russell holds a bachelor's degree in Biology and is excited to garner such valuable experience in his field that serving at AML provides. He is excited about his future at AML and is determined to provide the best possible results for AML's customers.

Danielle DrouillardDanielle Drouillard photo

Danielle has been blessed to be introduced into histology by her friend and cousin, Angela Amatruda.

Angela first trained her to cut frozen tissue for a Mohs Surgeon. She then moved to St. Agnes Hospital and learned all aspects of histology. She received her HT ASCP certification in 2002 and has enjoyed the field ever since. She has worked part time for AML through the years but is very excited to be a full-time member of such an exciting, growing lab with wonderful co-workers.

Devin LeBrunDevin LeBrun photo

Devin is the son of Angela Amatruda, the owner of AML Labs. He began working as a part time assistant for AML in 2007 but has been growing up assisting his mom.

Since the start of his part time employment, he has become a vital member of the AML team. Devin assists the lab in many ways from administrative assistance to tech assistance. He has become the muscle behind the scenes, aiding in tasks ranging from printing slides and cassettes to embedding and administrative work, such as invoicing, receiving and packaging. His, steady, fast-paced, work ethic keeps the lab running at optimal capacity.

Devin is proud to have been a part of the growth of AML Labs since the very beginning and looks forward to seeing further growth and success of the lab.

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